What does EML to Outlook Converter do?

EML to Outlook Converter destroys the stereotype of data conversion being the experts’ prerogative. Designed to be accessible to everyone, simple and extremely reliable, it turns the conversion of your messages from virtually any email client to Outlook into a short procedure that requires no special skills or knowledge whatsoever.

This product converts email archives of any size to your Outlook profile or a standalone PST file at incredible speed and makes sure that all data structures are correctly converted in full compliance with the requirements of the destination format. No matter how often you need to convert your emails – just once, once in a while or more or less regularly – EML to Outlook Converter will prove to be a great asset in your software collection!

When would I need this program?

EML to Outlook Converter will come in handy in situations when you urgently need to import any number of email messages in the EML format to Outlook. The EML format is used by many programs as the primary message format, and data from all other email clients can be converted into this format using built-in features or third-party tools.EML to Outlook Converter is a comprehensive product that enables users of all skills levels to convert email archives of any size to Outlook or PST files – quickly, efficiently and completely autonomously. The program has zero requirements for user’s technical savvy or experience, since simplicity and accessibility have always been the developers’ top priority. With EML to Outlook Converter saves your time by automating the process and effectively reducing your involvement to several mouse clicks.

What are the key advantages of this product?

  • A no-brainer approach to EML to Outlook data conversion.

    A no-brainer approach to EML to Outlook data conversion.

    The program employs a super-easy approach to EML file transfer. No special skills or technical knowledge are required to get the job done in a few seconds.

  • Ultra-fast processing of any number of email messages

    Ultra-fast processing of any number of email messages

    The program has no limitations of the number of emails it can process and effortlessly handles email archives comprised of thousands and thousands of messages

  • No ad-ware or spy-ware of any sort!

    No ad-ware or spy-ware of any sort!

    Unlike many products on the market, EML to Outlook Converter is completely free of any unwanted extras. You only get what you pay for, period.

  • Email encoding conversion

    Email encoding conversion

    If your EML files were copied from a Linux or Mac OS system, the program will make sure that the encoding is properly converted and the messages remain fully readable in Outlook.

  • Support of all major versions of Windows and Outlook

    Support of all major versions of Windows and Outlook

    The program can be installed and used on a broad range of systems with various versions of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and MS Outlook.

  • Possibility of archiving and data migration

    Possibility of archiving and data migration

    The program can be used in a number of ways: from migrating data to another system to archiving your emails in a secure location.

I need my entire email archive converted URGENTLY. Can I rely on EML to Outlook Converter in helping me do this?

Absolutely. If you have already exported your messages to the EML format, you are now ready for converting them to Outlook. EML to Outlook Converter offers a uniquely simple method of transferring your data either to Outlook or a PTS file that can be imported at any time, copied to another system, archived or used otherwise.

Unlike many other solutions, EML to Outlook Converter does not contain any bundled extras, paid add-ons or ad-ware. The functionality of the program is focused strictly on data conversion that is accomplished in a few quick and simple steps. The process has been simplified to include a minimum of actions, which makes it a good choice for users with minimal or no technical background. The interface of EML to Outlook Converter consists of a single screen with several control elements and buttons that enable the user to select the source files, configure conversion options and save the result either to an Outlook profile or a PST file on the user’s hard drive. Thanks to a powerful engine developed by our company’s experts, the program is capable of processing thousands of emails in the shortest time while preserving the original folder structure and making sure that your messages remain fully readable in Outlook.

The program is supplied in the form of a compact installation file that does not require any additional downloads and is compatible with all major versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

EML to Outlook Converter offers a balanced combination of speed, ease of use and extreme accuracy. Supporting fast direct EML to PST conversion, the product will help you save countless hours of your precious time (and money) when all you need is a smooth transition from your old email app to Outlook!

Voice of our customers

Just wanted to drop a few lines of gratitude to the team behind EML to Outlook Converter. It may seem very simple – and it really is – but it does its job in style! A true savior for a dummy like me, it made my migration to Outlook a breeze. Keep up the good work, guys.
Josh Carlin
Josh Carlin
I occasionally help other users at our center with computer maintenance and software installations. When I had to move the emails of three members to Outlook a couple of weeks ago, I was about to give up when I found EML to Outlook Converted and my problems were solved in an instant. What a great product! Thank you!
Lolita Fowler
Lolita Fowler
You’ve got a fantastic little tool for guys like me. I had very little time and literally thousands and thousands of emails that were exported from a few sources, including my old archives. EML to Outlook Converter swallowed them all without a hitch and I could browse them all on Outlook just minutes later. Amazing!
James Bloomfield
James Bloomfield
A solid product that delivers to the promise. Clean and fast conversion and a no-nonsense interface – the kind of software I’ve always liked. Thank you for saving my time and making my migration to Outlook ridiculously easy!
Jose Rayos
Jose Rayos

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