Purchase EML to Outlook Converter

EML to Outlook Converter uses a try-before-you-buy distribution model. In plain English, it means that we strongly recommend downloading the program and trying it in action prior to making a purchase. The demo version that we encourage you to download has all the features of the full version, but limits the number of messages processed per conversion. This way, you can easily assess the fitness of the program for your needs without paying a single penny.

For more information about EML to Outlook Converter, visit the Main and Instructions pages.

License types and payment options

EML to Outlook Converter comes with two types of licenses, Individual and Corporate:




  • Only for Home Use
  • Non-Profit Purposes
  • Standard Support
  • Free Updates
  • Your Own Mailbox Processing
  • Up to 3 Seats




  • Corporate Use
  • Commercial Use Allowed
  • Premium Support
  • Free Updates
  • Unlimited Mailbox Processing
  • One License per Seat

The program is distributed through an official reseller that supports payments with all major credit cards, popular on-line payment systems and PayPal. This reseller offers fast and 100% secure payments through an encrypted SSL connection, which means that your personal information will remain fully confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.

The licenses you purchase expire in one year. You can renew an expired license by placing a new order with the same reseller. If you have a discount coupon or an applicable promo code, make sure you apply it on the order form.

Purchasing a licensed version of our product: advantages

Purchasing a license grants you one key advantage – removal of all limitations from the conversion process. Once registered, the program will be able to process any number of email files of any size, allowing you to perform data migrations of any scale. A licensed version of the product also entitles you to prioritized technical support and free product updates in the future.

A licensed version of EML to Outlook Converter is a universal solution for users of any kind: from users looking for a tool to perform one-time data migration to system administrators performing email migrations on a regular basis for corporate users.

The product is activated with a registration key that is sent to the user’s address immediately after the purchase is confirmed.

Returns and refunds policy

EML to Outlook Converter is a digital product with a fully functional demo version (save for the number of messages converted per session), which enables users to familiarize themselves with all of its features and test the program with real data. Therefore, we do not accept returns and do not provide refunds for thus product. Ordering a license denotes your full acceptance the purchase terms.

Unwanted software policy

Our company is committed to offering users best-in-class data conversion solutions and strictly observes the best industry practices in relation to providing software that fully matches the official description and is not bundled with any extras that are installed with or without the user’s consent. All our products have a transparent installation process, can be easily and completely removed using standard Windows tools and do not spy on the user in any way.